Hey Friends 

I’m Jordan, a yogi, a strategist and a friend sharing tools focused on holistic wellbeing here to support you on the beautiful journey we’re on.


I got to the point where I had no other choice but to make my well-being my life's work.  


Not long ago, I completely burnt myself out. I was leading an extremely stressful life, had unhealthy relationships, and little connection to my inner self. I daydreamed of a life more in line with my soul’s purpose. About 6 years ago I finally found solace when I discovered the path of personal development and yoga. It completely turned my life around and opened the doorway to endless possibilities for my well-being.


I finally began to feel lighter and energetically in line with what I envisioned a healthy and meaningful life should be. I became fully aware of the transformational shifts happening within myself and the world around me. After deciding to quit my stressful job, I traveled around the world fully immersing myself in studying ancient wisdoms - yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, breathwork, healing foods, personal development, self-reflection - to name a few.

 I learned a profound secret - this stuff seriously works. Not only works, but has the potential to allow each of us to unlock that beautiful, abundant inner resilience that is dormant within our mind, body and soul. 


When I began to combine all these teachings with intentional strategic thinking,  I realized you can develop a mind + body connection that can transform all areas of our lives. When you show up fully and intentionally, you can create a life that is all you could ever imagine, living each day as your truest, healthiest self.


So that’s why I’m here, to guide you directly back to your infinite inner wisdom and support you in creating space to feel more consciously free in all aspects of life.

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Official Bio

Jordan has been on the journey of strategic self-discovery and whole well-being for most of her life. 


She began her career at one of the most prestigious advertising firms in the world, Widen+Kennedy, where she worked as a brand and creative Strategist. While growing her strategic abilities she began to connect with her community through teaching yoga, hosting countless workshops, co-founding an all women’s wellness group and being a core volunteer for TEDxPortland - the largest TEDx in the world - as a speaker coach and designer.


As her passion for holistic health grew she traveled all over the world immersing herself in holistic health studies in places like India, Dominican Republic, New York and Portland. 


She has parlayed her strategic experience and infused it with her in-depth exploration of holistic health to boldly share the knowledge and ability for people to heal and transform their lives. 


She currently lives in Portland OR, coaching, strategizing and supporting all those around her to be their truest self.



Official Training

  • 7+ years Strategy Consultant 

  • 4+ years Yoga/Meditation Teaching 

  • 200 Hour Awaken Your Life Master Coach Training (In Progress)

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Love Hive Yoga

  • 100 Hour Ayurveda Foundation Course - Ayurayoga

  • 75hr Hatha Training at YogPeeth in Rishikesh India 

  • 4 Month Holistic Health Apprenticeship at Ki-Ra Holistic

  • Countless workshops focused on meditation, breathwork, and personal development training.