Additional Support through COVID-19

COVID-19 is greatly impacting us all. And as a coach and friend, I am here to support in any way I can during this time. Below you will see all the additional resources and offerings I have created to help release stress and uncertainty while building your inner-resilience and connection to others.

My Gifts to You

Free Meditation Recordings

Regular Virtual Support Group Session

I am hosting regular FREE virtual support groups where anyone is welcome. During this time  I create space for us to come together in strength and create a sense of connection and support during these isolating times.

Digital Stress Release Workbook 

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I have created a free online workbook filled with mindfulness tools, tips, and exercises designed to help release stress and build your connection to your own resilience. 

Weekly Newsletters Packed With Stress-Releasing Tools

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Want to Host Your Own Virtual Support  Group? I am here.

During such turbulent times, the one thing we are needing more than ever is connection and space to process all the stress that is coming along with COVID-19 circumstances.

So I am here to support you and your community in a way that uniquely fits your needs.

How It Works

I work with organizations of all sizes to host virtual support groups for their employees and community to create a space for them to come together in strength and release stress 

What it Entails

  • 1.5 to 2-hour long Zoom call guided by me 

  • A safe space for people to come together and gain support on what has been most stressful and difficult during this time

  • I will guide mindful discussions with self-reflective prompts and exercises

  • I will share meditations and visualizations designed for stress and anxiety reduction

  • While also sharing mindfulness tools and resources to be used beyond our time together.

Why it Works

Benefits Include

  • Immediate and ongoing decreased stress + anxiety 

  • Stronger sense of connection and community in a time of isolation 

  • Increased sense of optimism and hope under circumstances filled with fear and uncertainty

  • Increases workplace comradery and overall job satisfaction.  

  • Increased sense of clarity, concentration, and personal innovation

  • Increased sense of trust within team and organization

  • Gaining of helpful information and tools increases coping skills 

  • Increased understanding of self and personal needs

  • Increased sense of purpose and ability to help others

How to Book It

If you are interested in learning more about how to book your own virtual support group the next step is simple - reach out to me.

You can either email me at


Use this link to directly book a 30-minute call with me


During our conversation, you will get all of your questions and curiosities addressed while we discuss how I can customize a virtual experience that suits your community's specific needs.