How we can benifit from uncertainty

This moment of uncertainty has been creating so much turbulence in my life - how about you? I have had to dig into some really useful tools to create space in my mind and to feel strong enough to lean into this discomfort rather than resist it.

Although uncertainty can cause stress and anxiety, it is also space where the world of possibility can open up to you. When we don't know for sure what is to come next, we can allow our mind to be curious about what COULD come with all this new space being given to us. 

This is a challenging and exhausting moment for us all, but it is offering us the opportunity to grow, evolve and be honest about what is truly not working for us. 

Because uncertainty can be a leading source of anxiety, I have found it to be a necessity to use mindfulness tools to navigate this space. Below you will see some of my favorite exercises that have given me clarity and support.

Below I have a bold writitng prompt to help you with uncertainty: