Why we should walk hand in hand with our discomfort.

Through all the challenges that have been coming up for myself and my clients lately, the one philosophy I can never run away from is that we must hold space to lean into our pain and discomfort, rather than avoiding, suppressing or ignoring it.

We are globally being forced to grow and awaken from the massive impact of COVID-19. There is not one person in the world unaffected by this, not one person unforced to grow, reflect and react. 

If I know anything it's this - our pain and challenges can not be ignored. When they are, they morph and evolve into something grander that shows itself in more debilitating ways - anger, lashing out, self-destructive behaviors, resentment, hate - the list goes on.

So I know, this is painful and uncomfortable for us all. But I truly believe when we are brave and able to lean into this pain with love, awareness, and curiosity we will come out the other side more evolved and resilient. 

Image by Chirstine Aitchinson