Whole Life Strategist 

Coaching and consulting at the intersection of ancient mindfulness practices and strategic, intentional action.


Offering one-on-one sessions or group workshops to help visionaries gain clarity, and show up fully for themselves so they are able to have greater impact on the world around them.

What  I  Of fer You


1:1 Life + Wellbeing 

Coaching Sessions


Entrepreneur  + Branding

Coaching Sessions


Group Workshops, Events,

Classes and Retreats

  My heart's work is to support you on your journey.

I find this experience of being a human beautifully challenging. I have fully dedicated myself to discovering all the tools possible that help us navigate the many challenges and blessings life throws our way.


I am on a mission to share these tools with the world and remove whatever holds us back from creating the most radiant, prosperous, and intentional life possible.


Meditate With Me


Go to my Soundcloud link to enjoy a variety of  FREE meditation recordings I have made for you Many specifically helpful during the stress and anxiety arising due to COVID-19.