Bold Agre ements 

Before we begin this work together, whether we have one conversation or hundreds, there are a few bold agreements I make with my clients.


Please read these and let them soak in. When you show up for our sessions, this means you are in alignment with these agreements and understand how I show up for you.

  Coaching with Me Is...


Co-creating an empowering relationship,

one that can radically open new possibilities and perspectives for your life.


Taking responsibility for your whole life

and honoring that you are fully in control of how you react to everything that happens around you.


Finding a balance between surrender and strategy

by identifying when it is time for wholehearted trust in the process and when it is time to co-create action plans.


Big-hearted conversation that provides safety

for you to truly be seen, heard, and reassured that you absolutely matter.


Finding comfort with the discomfort

and accepting that the most profound growth happens when we leave our comfort zone, which is a fundamental part of your evolution. 


Addressing blockages at the root

in order to truly alleviate what is no longer serving you and create sustainable, transformational shifts in your life.


As Your Coach


I treat you like a whole human.

I believe when we show up best in life is when our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are most in line. I am here to help you bring light to all areas of your life. I know that you are whole, creative, and resourceful and do not need to be diagnosed, fixed, or healed because you are not broken.


I turn ancient practices modern.

I infuse the powerful techniques and philosophies of ancient holistic health practices I’ve studied into all aspects of the work I share and make it applicable to your modern life.


I make your wellbeing a necessity, not a luxury.

I encourage you to believe that your happiness and connection to yourself is no longer a luxury. It is now at the top of your priority list because when you show up fully for yourself you exponentially change the way you show up in all aspects of your life.


I’m not addicted to positivity.

I wholeheartedly trust that pain and challenges are a fundamental part of life, and most importantly, our personal expansion. I am here to show you the beauty in discomfort and how you will grow immensely because of it.


I know you have the answers, not me.  

I believe all the answers we are looking for are buried deep within us, many times hidden under false ideas that no longer serve us. My mission is to help you peel back those layers and come back home to your own intuition.


I know you are a strong, not-broken, and capable adult. 

You’ve handled your life up to now and will continue to do so after me. I trust that you will know how to utilize this work and I am here to support you wholly in doing so.


I am responsible for creating a safe space but not what happens inside it.

I will create a safe space for you to feel open and supported; I call this a coaching container. I will also use this container to challenge you in a loving way. You are responsible for your life and what you do with what we uncover.


I am human and also do the work. 

I am an open book and will share pieces of my own experiences if I think they will serve you.. This can appear as though I’ve got it all figured out – I don’t. I practice what I preach and am, like everyone, a work in progress. I work with coaches and spiritual mentors as well as journal, meditate, and reflect on my own fears and desires just like you.


My Ethical Responsibility

Aware of the lack of accessibility to helping services, I am committed to the acknowledgment and necessity of equal access.

I dedicate a portion of my time to providing free resources and continuous outreach to underserved populations through my programming. I am committed to producing work in an ecological and sustainable way for my clients, my industry, and my community.


Aware that dogmatic methodology creates an unhealthy attachment to the “provider” and disempowers the client, I am committed to principle-based services which move people toward expanded choice.

Knowing that “guru-ism” is rampant in helping services, I am committed to coaching my clients home to themselves where they are not reliant on my processes to do the work. Our work is collaborative and co-creative.


Aware that unnecessary harm is caused through negligence of helping providers and the space they provide, I am committed to the tenet, ‘do no harm’.

The space I provide promotes safe sharing through confidential communication, client-driven processes, permission, and the client’s right to end the work if/when it’s no longer serving you.


 Aware that harm is caused by dishonest and manipulative language, I am committed to loving communication and listening to, for, and with wholeness.

I am dedicated to honoring my client’s experience and to only use my skills of questions and listening to meet a client where they’re at. I will only challenge if in service of the desired outcomes you’ve outlined in our work together.


Aware that harm is caused psychologically and physically when helpers operate outside their scope of practice, I am committed to stay in my lane and seek advisement as needed.

Through continued education and ongoing mentorship, I hold myself accountable to the integrity of being a professional coach. I seek support on a case-by-case basis as needed and am fully resourced to refer a client out if/when the need should arise.


Aware that clients are at the whim of coaching as an unregulated industry I am committed to heed the global code of ethics as outlined by the ICF and the Association for Coaching.

Although coaching is currently unregulated, there are ethical guidelines in place to support both the coach and the client. These ethics are public and my client has the right to be informed as a consumer of my services.











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